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New Concert Series
starts July 15, 2017

Outrigger Events
Broken Spokes
Saturday, July 15, 2017


Music Fans,
We have made arrangements to extend for another concert in July.  However, we hope to see a this music venue continue under a new entity if possible, and have hosted a couple of meetings with local fans and stakeholders to explore other options to continue. We discussed ways the community could keep the music going and work to have a permanent music venue in Palacios hopefully at the Outrigger building. We are trying to assist with this transformation, but ultimately it all comes from all of you.  I have committed to continue to book the musicians and manage the concerts for the new group or organization.

The process is being facilitated by a local resident and longtime customer.  Information collected has been assimilated, and it looks like one or two people will step out and make a commitment to put their name on a lease. Now we need to provide the confidence that operations are covered the first year, and we are hoping at least 12-15 individuals would be the first willing to contribute $1,000, but any amount is welcome.  If everything works out, we are leaving the tables, chairs, and whatever is needed to continue.  We are confident the group can pull together and keep this a music venue for Palacios.

The next step is to secure pledges.
If there is enough interest, the lease will be executed.  Commitments beyond money is also needed: volunteers to help with setup, cleanup, opening, closing, bar tending, etc.
Please respond your level of commitment ($and or time) via email to Dunham.dcc@gmail.com.  This information will remain confidential.
 Wayne Dodd

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Outrigger Events
515 Commerce St., Palacios, Texas

The Dodd family has retired from the restaurant business.  We thank you for all those years.  Come and enjoy the same atmosphere at a live music event.


Outrigger Events

Saturday, July 15, 2017  -- Broken Spokes 7:30

Thursday, July 20, 2017 -- Jam Session 6 pm

Sunday, September 3, 2017 -- Michael Waid Concert

1st & 3rd Thursday Jam Sessions continue

Saturday, October 7, 2017 -- Davin James

More concerts to be announced

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