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Saturday, June 10, 2017-- Jim Chestnut
Changes in Country Music: January 6, 2016

THEN: When I was signed to MGM/Hickory Records in the mid-to-late 1970s, my publisher, Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. had 27 songs in Billboard's Hot-100 Country Chart--27 percent! When I left the company five years later, it had one, and it was one of mine. Let's Take the Time to Fall in Love, Again made it to the top-30 in the span of about ten weeks, as I recall. In those days, music industry leaders Acuff-Rose and Tree were family-owned publishing houses staffed with people who returned phone calls and listened to unsolicited material from persistent up-and-coming songwriters like me.

Music was promoted to the public via radio stations that played country music. In addition to Billboard, there were some other significant music industry publications, namely Record World,  Radio and Records and Cashbox. In all, there were something like 125 country music stations in the nation that reported their playlists to these magazines. Only about half of these stations would consider new artists and new music.

With the support of these "breaker stations" and a handful of national record promoters, we were able to get new music into the top-40 of these charts where they would get noticed by the remaining stations and wholesale record buyers. From that point, whether or not a record made it into the top-20 depended on the sales of the product. With the help of John Curb in Los Angeles, Bob Saporiti (later head honcho at Warner Bros. in Nashville, and Erv Woolsey's team at MCA Nashville, I was fortunate to penetrate the top-40 threshold with Let's Take the Time.

NOW: Since the evolution of the Internet (and because of it), the industry is no longer controlled by or influenced to as significant a degree by major publishers like Acuff-Rose or Tree. In fact, both were purchased by Sony/ATV several years ago and are in full corporate mode now. I am told by a number of "insider" friends that any act signed by a label today has to have something significant going, or it will not get anybody's attention.

Today, it is the responsibility of recording artists to do for themselves what publishers, agents, managers and labels once did on their behalf. It is all made possible by social media and digital music distribution.

SO WHAT?: What does this have to do with me in 2016?
I'm still "in it to win it," as Randy Jackson used to say on American Idol. I am writing more than I ever have and can still sing in tune (well, most of the time anyway). In 2016 I will be releasing a new album, my fourth self-produced cd since 2008. In the past two years, I've had three top-chart singles as reported in a couple of national secondary market charts. I'm still performing and will continue to do so until I can't. This year, I am implementing a new music strategy that will concentrate on embracing and engaging my followers in ways that I never have before.
I will be asking for your assistance and advice from time to time. I will be asking you to get involved with my career development through Facebook sharing, email forwarding and other social media methods that I am working on that will be easy to do and not require a lot of time on your part. I hope you will join me on this journey. It will be a grassroots effort that will be fun to watch unfold.

The first step is to get your email address, so I can include you on a newsletter distribution list. I promise not to share your name or email address with anyone, and you can request to be removed from the list at anytime. So, if you are not already getting my emails, CLICK HERE to send me an email, I will get the process started by adding your name to my list. Plus, I will send you an mp3 file of my first single of 2016, Lost and Found Love. You can share it with anyone you wish as often as you wish. It is my way of thanking you for helping me get the word out about my music.

Thank you, and let's take this trip together.   --Jim Chesnut

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