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Saturday, July 30, 2016 - Laura Marie
“Maybe you’re a lost cause...or maybe you’re a dark horse just like me.”

Laura Marie’s message to the world exists on a plane that reaches far beyond music, but thankfully she is one of those writers gifted enough to focus the rollercoaster of the human condition into song. Her latest release, The Season, is a collaboration with producer and musical partner Jake Owen and reflects on the often overlooked themes in a songwriters’ repertoire. Instead of lost love, The Season embraces unconditional love. Instead of open ended angst, the listener is immersed in the process of resolution. Laura Marie is offering some peace within the chaos of life through music, both for herself and as an offering to the world.

A South Texas native, Laura Marie grew up steeped in poetry and music, but it took her some time before she was able to combine them into performance. Stage fright plagued her for much of the start of her career, to the point where she found herself studying marine biology at UT Austin and setting aside her calling. Always coming back to the artistic path, she eventually earned her degree in music education and paid her dues playing in bands in San Antonio and beyond.

There have been awards and accolades since (she won the OurStage Texas Lilith Fair Competition in 2010 and was a Regional Finalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest), and the old familiar feeling of stage fright has shifted into a sense of purpose and drive; “I am an artist. This is what I do. I’m saying what I need to say.” It turns out that audiences are drawn in to Laura Marie’s performances because of this honesty and passion. David Crabb from the Austin Acoustical Cafe noted, "Laura Marie captured the hearts of our audience with her energy, and she warmed the stage and the room with her talented performance.”

Laura Marie’s latest project is a collaboration with longtime friend and sideman Jake Owen, whose credits as a producer and sideman include The BoDeans, Goldspot, and Sahara Smith. Jake was experimenting in his new studio, and he and Laura Marie decided to do an EP project they titled Threadbare. The process went so well they decided to turn it into a full length record featuring 12 tracks firmly planted in the singer-songwriter genre. On the crowdsourced fundraising process for the album, Laura Marie says, “It was encouraging but painful. It’s asking people to trust me and invest in something they haven’t heard yet. When people say yes and have faith in what we’re doing, it’s inspiring. At the same time I hope it’s enough of what they expect from me musically as well as something that will encourage growth as they listen.”

The Season brings home the truth that there is growth from struggle, and the theme of moving from darkness to light permeates the album. Laura Marie’s reminder throughout is that, “We are made to love....we collapse when we forget it’s about love. This is a connection everything shares...it applies globally all the way down to the cellular level.” The Season sings this message loud and clear both musically and lyrically; “I hope this album gives people excuses to love....what else are we made for?”
2016 Music Project Songwriting Contest, 1st Place Winner
2014 Independent Music Award Winner Folk/SingerSongwriter Song 
2014 SouthWest Regional Finalist Mountain Stage NewSong Contest
2013 Showcasing Artist - Southwest Regional Folk Alliance
2013 Semi-finalist Songwriter Serenade
Artist of the Year 2011 -Texas Music Coalition
2010 SouthWest Regional Finalist Mountain Stage NewSong Contest
WINNER #1 Artist OurStage Texas Lilith Fair Competition 2010
WINNER of the 4th Annual TMC Music Video Showcase - Best Song
Indie Artist of the Month (Apr/May 2009) - Americana Music Times

2015 Featured Artist - Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival
2014 Featured Artist - Canto San Anto Music & Art Project
2014 Featured Artist - Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival
Reverbnation Featured Artists - Folk
Reverbnation Who's Hot Global
Windows Media Guide Music
Women of Substance Radio Featured Artist
Athena 365 Featured Artist
Live 365 Magazine
Time Warner Cable San Antonio On Demand

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Singer Songwriter, AAA, Adult Contemporary, Americana, Pop-Folk, Indie, Acoustic Rock, Easy Listening, Soft Rock, Indie-Folk

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Natalie Merchant, Chrissie Hynde, Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, Diana Winter, Gilli Moon and The Mary Dream


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